Monday, September 6, 2010


The girls and I have been wanting to make some raw cupcakes.  We love raw deserts and have fun experimenting with all things sweet.   

We had found a few recipes but the one we decided on was the chocolate and vanilla frosting.
Rich had gotten us some cute silicone forms at BB&B and we wanted to put them to good use.    We had gotten some yummy organic berries so we wanted to use them also.  

The recipe was easy and the girls could actually make them by themselves.  

It is a good way to get the good fats and oils into your diet.  
We made extra frosting so we can make a cake out of our carrot pulp from juicing.  

The Organic Cocoa was not called for in the recipe but we added it because we love chocolate.
We used coconut water and meat from the coconut in the recipe also. 
They were a huge hit and we will be making them again.   
One of the joys of raw foods is getting children active and teaching them how to prepare foods they love.  No hot ovens or stoves to get burned.  Just fun and tasty treats.  

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